Dog Ear Publishing Testimonial – Dog Ear Publishing Exceeded My Expectations


If you are an author writing your first book or a series of books, I can speak to the speed, creative talents, and cost effectiveness of those at Dog Ear Publishing. My two books in the “Fair Warning” series is a Commentary and a Bible Study on the Books of Daniel and Revelation. A unique feature in both books is the presentation of the Book of Revelation in chronological order, aiding in its understanding. Both books needed to complement each other and Dog Ear Publishing made sure that the cover design, artwork, and internal formatting were unified into a single theme. The final results were stunning! I must thank Dog Ear Publishing for putting my dream to reality, even to the point of becoming a creative partner in that dream. Another surprise was the speed at Dog Ear Publishing. It no longer takes 4-5 months to publish a book because Dog Ear Publishing performed the task for me, start to finish, in less than half that time for each of my books! We authors are a passionate breed with high expectations for work that must be perfect in every way. That can create many challenges, but the staff at Dog Ear Publishing exceeded my expectations over and over again on things very important to me.

Andrew Louf

Author of Fair Warning of the Coming Age

Author of Fair Warning, A Bible Study to Daniel and Revelation

“I’m sharing this because it is nice to see good reviews.  Good reviews are nice to receive and very much appreciated.”

Dog Ear Publishing  is a publishing company that provides editing, book design, printing and distribution services to Indie authors.


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