Dog Ear Publishing Reviews – Testimonials are always nice

It’s always great to receive a positive testimonial from an author.  For a small publishing like Dog Ear Publishing these testimonials are simply wonderful and very much appreciated.  As the owner of Dog Ear Publishing, I often search for anything posted about Dog Ear Publishing.  Sometimes, the results make me want to scream – if you own a business then I know you can relate.  Other times, you receive something that makes you smile.  I’m smiling.

So, this is a recent note I received from the recently published author of “Chippy’s Dreams”.  I was given permission to share with you.

Sent: Friday, January 23, 2015 2:37 PM

To: Dogear

Subject: Thank You

Hi Miles:

I want to take this time to thank you and your amazing Dog Ear staff for making my journey into publishing my first book so incredibly rewarding. My initial contact with Dog Ear was with Mark Jackson…he was thoughtful and very patient with a “first time” author. He answered all my  questions…many of them ridiculous, I’m sure…and followed up with me at every turn with good advice and much “hand holding”. I would not have stayed on the path with Dog Ear Publishing throughout this wonderful journey without Mark’s understanding and guidance.

Once “Chippy’s Dreams” was ready for submission, Adrienne Miller was a big support through that process. She took great pains in explaining what I needed to do to expedite getting the book to the next phase. Her quick replies and understanding of a newbie was very reassuring and appreciated more than she could have known at the time.

Then, as the book made its way through the printing process, Amber Ortner took my hand and led me through that maze…including helping with decisions on price point. Without her constant and, again, very patient guidance, this entire experience could have ended with wringing of hands and rising stress levels. I am happy to say, the exact opposite happened…that is, I loved everything about my experience with Dogear.

On January 17, my granddaughter, Lili, and I had our “first” author’s reading and book signing for “Chippy’s Dreams” at Story Time at the Barnes and Noble Tribeca in New York City. Barnes and Noble donated ten percent of store purchases to my granddaughter’s school during a five-day fundraising period. I was very proud of the quality of both the hard cover and soft cover book. I feel gratified that Dogear is such a big part of a journey that I share with my granddaughter as co-author…an experience she will always remember and one I will always cherish.

Thank you, Miles, so much for having the foresight to hire such passionate and engaging employees. You obviously recognize the importance of customer satisfaction through those choices. I would recommend Dog Ear Publishing to any author, especially first-time authors, looking to self-publish his or her first book.




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