How to Set Your Book’s Retail Price and Wholesale Discount

Setting  a book’s retail price and wholesale discount is a very important final step in preparing your book for the market.

Just like all other aspects of publishing with Dog Ear, each author has unique needs and desires when it comes to setting a book’s retail price. And like all other part of the process, you are firmly in control and the process is VERY flexible to meet your needs. So, before you select a retail price or a wholesale discount, it is imperative that you do a little research and once again consider your goals.

Setting A Book’s Retail Price and Wholesale Discount

There are four important interconnected aspects to consider when setting a book’s retail price and wholesale discount.  Read it all

Dog Ear Publishing is a leader in self publishing.  Dog Ear Publishing provides editorial services, book design, print on demand and worldwide book distribution to its authors.  Want to learn more?  Give us a call — 888-568-8411 or visit  Email Miles Nelson


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