Dog Ear Publishing Author Strikes Traditional Deal with Pearson!

I like sharing these types of success stories… 

“I could not have asked for a better partner in writing my first book than Dog Ear Publishing.

They were helpful throughout the entire process, whether I was working with Matt, Amber, or whoever, I always found Dog Ear Publishing to be responsive, helpful and willing to provide the advice and insight that I needed as a first time author.

I’ve been incredibly successful since launching my book Return on Sustainability – both in landing speaking engagements and consulting gigs, and many of these were directly attributable to being able to publish a book with Dog Ear Publishing.

If you are a first time author or someone who struggled to land a book deal, like I did, than I cannot recommend Dog Ear Publishing enough to you!

They will walk you through the process, help you be successful, and are with you every step of the way !”

Sincerely, Kevin Wilhelm, CEO and author of “Return On Sustainability”.

Dog Ear Publishing, a self publishing company located in Indianapolis, Indiana, was named one of the top self publishing companies by industry watch dog Mark Levine in “The Fine Print of Self Publishing.”  They publish children’s books, fiction and non-fiction books and offer worldwide distribution. — 866-823-9613


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