Dog Ear Publishing Celebrates 8th Birthday – 56 Dog Years

Dog Ear Publishing is celebrating a birthday.  We’re officially 8 years old.  That’s 56 doggie years.  Happy birthday to my partners, dedicated associates and wonderful authors. 

Associates – You guys have been a pleasure to worth with.  You’re hard work and dedication to this company is incredible.  You keep the company humming along.  We never would’ve made it to 8 human years without you.

Partners – My brothers!  Thanks for your passion.  What a ride it’s been. 

Authors – Thanks to all of you for your stories and enthusiasm.  You make it fun.  Thank you for your faith in Dog Ear Publishing.  We thrive because of you.

Dog Ear Publishing, a self-publishing company in Indianapolis, has been rated one of the top self-publishing companies by industry watchdog Mark Levine in “The Fine Print of Self Publishing.” The company, which publishes children’s books, fiction and nonfiction books, offers worldwide distribution as well as e-reader versions of books. Dog Ear authors retain all rights and complete creative control throughout the entire self-publishing process.

Contact Dog Ear Publishing — 866-823-9613 or



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