Barnes and Noble and Book Retailers Take on and Create Space

And interesting article about how some book retailers are reacting to  This article was written by Barney Jopson and appears in The Financial Times.

“Book retailers have struck back at Amazon, the online retailer posing a threat to their businesses, by refusing to sell books from its nascent publishing arm, including an upcoming title from the Indian self-help guru Deepak Chopra.”

“Barnes & Noble, the US’s biggest bookseller by sales, is refusing to stock books published by Amazon in its stores in retaliation for the online retailer’s aggressive moves to gain a foothold in publishing. Indigo Books & Music, a large Canadian chain, has followed suit.”  Article

Dog Ear Publishing, a self-publishing company in Indianapolis, has been rated one of the top self-publishing companies by industry watchdog Mark Levine in “The Fine Print of Self Publishing.” The company, which publishes children’s books, fiction and nonfiction books, offers worldwide distribution as well as e-reader versions of books. Dog Ear authors retain all rights and complete creative control throughout the entire self-publishing process.

Dog Ear Publishing offers self publishing, print on demand services, e-book options, audio books, editorial services and book marketing.  866-823-9613.  Contact Miles Nelson 


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