Dog Ear Publishing A+ Rating on BBB

Dog Ear Publishing was given an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau.  That really pleases me.  I’m proud of our accomplishment.  It hasn’t been always easy.  But, we’ve always strived to provide a great author experience and to always be true to our mission — provide self publishing solutions that actually make sense for an author.

Dog Ear Publishing is a boutique self publishing company.  Our strength is our ability to meet the varying needs of our authors.  The one size fits all approach just won’t cut it for our authors.   

The finished product is what counts.  Our book designers are the finest in the industry.  They’ve always created incredible looking books.  And, unlike our competitors, we never use templates to design books and covers.  Each book we build and publish is unique. 

Improving the way we communicate is key to the successful author/publisher relationship.  Now, authors can track their production status and book sales using our Dog Ear Author Link.  The Dog Ear Author Link provides production status, sales data and an online ordering page for authors to order additional copies of their books 24/7.  Each author has their own corner of the Dog Ear world.  This accessibility has streamlined the way we communicate with our authors by providing answers to questions instantaneously.

Well, enough for now.  All I can say is that I’m proud of Dog Ear Publishing and how we’ve matured and improved over the years.


Dog Ear Publishing is a leader in self publishing and print on demand solutions.  Located in Indianapolis, Dog Ear Publishing provides editorial services, printing and pod services, book distribution and order fulfillment.

Contact Dog Ear Publishing by calling 866-823-9613.  Visit the Dog Ear Publishing website.

See how Dog Ear Publishing compares to the competition.


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