Book-o-Mart is now Live!

Take a look at Book-o-Mart‘s new website.

Book-o-Mart is a product that helps authors make more profit from book sales.  In a nut shell, it’s a website that’s equipped with a shopping cart feature that’s self-contained. 

Instead of relying on bookstores to sell your book, now you can sell your book from your own website.  Your customer can purchase the book from your site without ever leaving.  The order comes to us, we print and ship within 24 hours.  The author doesn’t have to do any packing, shipping, inventory control or have to worry about processing credit cards – Dog Ear Publishing takes care of it all.

The big benefit to the author is that they keep the portion of the sale that would normally go to the bookstore.  That’s an additional 40% to 55% to the author.

Just another smart service from Dog Ear Publishing.

Want to learn more about Dog Ear Publishing and services like Book-o-Mart.  Want to self publish your book?  Contact Dog Ear at 866-823-9613.

Dog Ear Publishing offers self publishing, book printing, print on demand, book distribution, e-books, audio books, marketing and pr solutions.


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