Why Self Publish?


 In other words, you need to choose a path: traditional publishing or self-publishing.

Everyone knows that producing and publishing your own book can be a tremendous challenge. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of self publishing. I’ll tackle the tough part first: Why NOT self-publish?

Getting rich – The vast majority of the books in the “traditional” publishing industry barely ever break even, and an even smaller percentage of self-published books ever see a profit.

Wanting it to be easy – Self-published authors have to rely on their own resources and be more creative in finding retail shelf space for their books. You’ll have far less access to chain bookstore shelves than the big publishers who spend millions on marketing. You are going to have to work very hard to create any sort of buzz about your book.

Need for “Publishing Cachet” – If you even consider the word “cachet” as something you need in your life, then self-publishing isn’t for you. If goals are strictly aimed at the prestige that comes from getting published by a traditional house, then the more staid route of literary agent/big publisher is something you should try before taking a shot at self-publishing.

So, does this make it seem like there aren’t any reasons why you should pursue self-publishing? Have I made it sound much too grim? I said there are self-publishing pros and cons. Now that I have the cons out of the way, here are the ADVANTAGES of self-publishing:


Control – The control is completely in your hands. You call all the shots but still get access to a wide breadth of experience from your self-publishing company. If you want pink flamingos on your book about Kenworth trucks, well we might make some recommendations, but ultimately it’s up to you! As you can see from our website, we believe in giving you as much as possible in each package, and as much control and input as you like. No one else offers the absolute freedom that Dog Ear Publishing does.

Speed – When you use traditional channels, your book still won’t be in the market after nearly two years! If your topic has any time sensitivity, you cannot wait for the traditional market to get your book out. At Dog Ear, we’ve produced books in as little as TWO WEEKS. (Typically it takes about eight weeks.)

Rights – In any self-publishing contract, you should retain and control all your rights. However, in the traditional world, you sign your book away to another party: the publisher. Once they lose interest, you won’t be able to get your rights back until after the book goes out of print, and even then you’ll probably have to buy them back! If you self-publish, no matter how many or few books you sell, you can keep your book alive and available long past the point at which a traditional house would have taken it out of print.

No more rejection letters – If you’ve tried publishing the traditional way you know what we mean. Over 750,000 manuscripts are written each year and less than three percent will ever see the light of day at a traditional publishing house.

Getting Rich – The reward is completely in your hands. You took the risk, you made the effort, so now 100% of the reward is yours too! Why settle for a “royalty payment” of 5 to 10%? We don’t call them “royalties” because it implies that we have ownership and are paying YOU a commission on OUR sales. At Dog Ear, we let you set your OWN profit margin. The only money we receive from the sales of your book is the printing cost and some handling and freight fees. You may price your books at ANY PRICE YOU WISH and make as much or as little profit as you like. By the way, this is not the case with ANY other self publisher. They all set your retail for you and then give you a percentage of the net sale. Also, if your book shows steady success, a publisher just might call! Successful sales track records and a demonstrated profit put YOU in control of the contract negotiation should a traditional publishing house show interest.

Passion – The thrill of seeing your book in print, and done exactly as you wanted, is nearly unmatched. Leaving a part of yourself permanently immortalized on the printed page is an incredible feeling. Your book is the truest expression of who you are.

Compare Dog Ear Publishing We’ve done some of the homework for you. Later, in lesson 7 we will show you how Dog Ear stacks up against other major self-publishing companies in services, price and speed.

Now that I’ve made a list of the pros and cons of self publishing versus traditional publishing, I hope that I have helped you choose the right path for your publishing experience.

For additional information please contact Dog Ear Publishing at 866-823-9613 or Miles Nelson at milesn@dogearpublishing.net


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