If you write it, will they read it?

If you write it, will they read it?  Better yet, if you write it, who will know? 

This is a common theme authors must wrestle with once their book is published.  We call it the “If a tree falls in the woods” scenario. 

There’s an entire universe that opens once a book is published.  The universe of marketing and publicity.  Often, an author is surprised how challenging it is to inform the world that their book is available for sale. 

Here are 5 steps that’ll help you in creating your marketing plan. 

Five Things You Must Do To Have “Book Sales” Success. 

1. Identify Your Market. 

The goal is to find your ideal reader and focus your marketing efforts on them. 

Who is your reader? This is the most critical step and will be the foundation to your marketing efforts. Identify who is your ideal reader/customer. Start first by identifying a general demographic. For example, let’s say you wrote a book about finding love, being sixty, single and living in the South. Well, adults over sixty may be a market you initially identify. Then, you figure that Southern States should be targeted as well. Now, determine whether there are elements within your book that’ll help further pare down your niche. Say, you write extensively about your love of cooking and how you’ve met lots of people taking cooking classes. So, people who are sixty and over, single, living in the South and who love to cook is your niche. 

Further flesh your market out by delving deeper into your book. For example, do you list any particular ways you met other singles, like the time you took a cruise to Aruba. A good place to target would be to advertise to adults, sixty and over, looking to meet singles, who love to travel 

The ultimate benefit to you is that you can then research different vehicles and venues that also target your market. A smaller more identified market is easier to advertise to than a broad market. You’ll spend less money and get a bigger bang for your buck. 

2. Plan Your Attack 

Your marketing efforts should focus on your market. 

Ok, so you’ve identified your market. Now you need to do research on where to advertise. The best places to advertise and promote your book are those that also target your market. A great place to begin your research is the web or internet. Try typing in your market into Google and see what comes up. You should be looking for newspapers, forums, websites, associations, groups that either target your market or are places where your ideal reader hangs out. Determine how to advertise with on venues. Websites often allow you to place an ad banner for a fee. Forums are free and will allow you to participate in discussions or moderate your own. Communicating with your market is your goal and these established vehicles are great places to incorporate into your publicity arsenal. 

3. Think Like A Guerilla 

Many marketing efforts are extremely economical and in many cases, free. 

There’s no need to spend a fortune on advertising and promoting your book. There are countless ways to get the word out that are extremely economical and ‘Free’. Getting the biggest bang for your buck helps you extend the life of your marketing campaign. 

Here are a few quick ideas — have business cards made with your book and contact information, a website discussing your book, do advertising online using Pay For Click Advertising, join online forums that tie in with your market. We’d be happy to go on and on. In fact, call us and we’ll go on and on 

One traditional yet phenomenal way to get sales started is to send postcards out to all of your friends and family. First of all, they’ve suffered through countless conversations with you about your book. They’ll be relieved to finally purchase one. 

Another great idea is to have your friends set up a book signing party for you. You’ll have an opportunity to read and discuss your book amongst friends. They’ll tell their friends and they’ll tell theirs and so on. You’ll probably even sell a number of books too 

4. Don’t Forget About the Locals 

The most obvious places to contact are often the most overlooked. 

Obviously! Contact your local newspaper. Better yet, contact your small local boutique newspaper. You know, the one that comes once a week and is full of local flavor. Yes, these small little papers and newsletters are fantastic way to market your book. They’re focused on local stories and are much more amenable to doing a book review or interview. It’s a great place to begin your marketing efforts. 

5. Price Is Right 

A retail price has more impact on your sales success than you might think. 

Your book’s retail price is extremely important. A book with a ridiculously high retail price will scuttle any good marketing efforts. Your book must have a reasonable retail price and must be competitively priced to match books that are of similar content, size and bindery type. 

The cost of printing a book will be a major factor in determining your retail price. If the cost of printing is high then your retail price will probably be high too. So, choose a self publishing company that prints economically. In fact, we’d be happy to recommend a phenomenal publishing company who has the best printing prices in the industry. We can’t keep secrets 

For more book marketing ideas – including an article on how to write your book marketing plan – visit our article section here: 

especially cruises who live in the South. You can continue to further develop a highly targeted market using this exercise. 866-823-9613. how sweet is that? it’s Dog Ear Publishing!http://www.dogearpublishing.net/newsletter_060101.aspx 

For additional information please contact Miles Nelson

Dog Ear Publishing is a self publishing company offering editing, custom interior and cover design, print on demand printing services, world-wide book distribution, order fulfillment, marketing and pr. 


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