Self Publishing Continues to Grow

Here’s a New York Times article about the publishing industry and how self publishing companies continue to flourish while traditional publishing houses are producing fewer books, laying off employees and battling bankruptcy.

The article does a great job talking about how self publishing enables any and all authors to publish their work.  What the article doesn’t talk much about is how irrelevant the traditional publishing model has become to the majority of authors.

Recently, I attended the National Speakers Association in Orlando.  One of the presenters, Clint Greenleaf of Greenleaf Book Group asked the if anyone in the  audience remembered who published the book they most recently read.  Not one hand went up.  In fact, when if ever does the name of the publisher have any influence on whether a person purchases a book. 

In fact, the traditional publishing model doesn’t even really benefit the author.  At the National Speakers Association, some speakers who published books with traditional publishing houses shared their experiences with everyone.  Although they no longer owned the rights to their work, they were still required to market their books, using their own money.  They were forced to purchase their books from their publishing company for 30% to 40% off of the retail or cover price – very expensive.  The authors who went this route didn’t seem to be very satisfied and many were considering self publishing future projects.

So, what actually is the benefit of publishing with a traditional publishing house over that of a self publishing company like Dog Ear Publishing or any of my competitors?  I’m not really sure.

I hope that more articles are written about the benefits of self publishing over the perceived value of traditional publishing.

Dog Ear Publishing is a self publishing company that offers ghost writing, editorial services, custom interior and cover design, printing, print on demand, distribution to bookstores and order fulfillment.

To learn more about Dog Ear Publishing, please contact miles nelson at or call 866-823-9613. 

Dog Ear Publishing is located in Indianapolis, Indiana

Dog Ear Publishing, self publishing that actually makes sense.


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