National Speakers Association

I spent the last few days attending the 2010 National Speakers Association annual convention in Orlando.  I had a wonderful time.

I was unfamiliar with NSA and my experience with public and motivational speakers is heavily influenced by Chris Farley’s SNL character who “Lives in a van down by the river”. 

The event attracted about 1,500 public and motivational speakers, all members of the NSA.  Due to my own preconceptions of the industry, I expected and was prepared for passionate, extroverted people telling me how I should be ‘living life as if it were my last day on earth’ while breaking boards over their heads.  And, yes, there was some of that.  I also expected a lot of superficial relationships, air kissing, jealous smiles to fellow speakers – you know, like it is supposed to be Hollywood.

But, what struck me most was how nice these people were to one another.  How genuine they were to each other. After the exhibit hall closed, everyone headed to the lobby bar – of course.  These people were openly offering advice, leads to gigs and making introductions.  It certainly appeared that these people genuinely liked helping one another.  Hey, where was all of jealously and backstabbing?  What an incredible surprise.  It certainly appears that you can be what you preach.

Dog Ear Publishing was proud to be a part of the National Speakers Association annual convention.  We look forward to being a publishing resource for the members of the NSA.

General:  Dog Ear Publishing offers editorial, publishing, ghost writing, print on demand and publicity and book marketing services.

Contact Miles Nelson of Dog Ear Publishing at 866-823-9613 or

Dog Ear Publishing – Self Publishing that actually makes sense.


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