Self Publishing – the new Indie Rock?

Here’s an interesting article from the Washington Post comparing the value of self publishing to that of the music industry, specifically, Indie Bands and their “Do It Yourself” approach to music production. 

“In music, DIY is a source of credibility for acts that take pride in circumventing the music machine and the compromises often required to release an album through a record company — especially a major label.”

In summary:  New Technologies such as Print on Demand make publishing a book easy and economical.  An author, similar to an Indie Band, can be proactive and control their own destiny by publishing their book now and on their own terms even if a major publishing house takes no interest. 

Further, traditional publishing houses are accepting and publishing fewer books each year due to increasing expenses and shrinking profits.  An author’s chances of signing a contract with one of the major publishing houses has always been challenging.  Unless of course you’re a celebrity.

Take the bull by the horns Self Publish your book.  Read more of why I recommend self publishing over traditional publishing.

Dog Ear Publishing specializes in self publishing books of all genres.  We offer self publishing services that actually make sense.  Contact Miles Nelson at 866-823-9613 to learn more.

Dog Ear Publishing is located in Indianapolis, Indiana


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