764,448 Self Published Books in 2009

Self Publishing has become so normal and so understood that it makes me think back to Dog Ear Publishing’s beginnings.  When my partners and I started Dog Ear Publishing in 2004, many of our conversations with authors centered around explaining what self publishing was all about.

Every phone call to a perspective author required an explanation of  the differences between self publishing and traditional publishing. 

Now, it is rare that an author requests that type of explanation.  Our conversations revolve around how Dog Ear Publishing compares to the competition.  It is interesting how the market and industry have evolved.  Authors are now extrememly familiar with self publishing and have decided that it is a direction worth consideration for their book. 

There’s a ton of information about self publishing on the internet.  In fact, if you Google self publishing there are over 24,000,000 results.  The New York Times Magazine published an article about the rise of self publishing.  They mention that over 760,000 titles were self published in 2009 compared to only 289,000 books by traditional publishers.

The article in the New York Times Magazine is especially interesting because it mentions how self published books not only are dominating traditionally published books in terms of quantity published but that self published books are also quickly rising in prestige.

Have you’ve ever considered publishing a book?  Check out Dog Ear Publishing to learn more.  Call 866-823-9613.  

Dog Ear Publishing, self publishing that makes sense. 

Contact Miles Nelson at 866-823-9613 or milesn@dogearpublishing.net.

Dog Ear Publishing is located in Indianapolis, Indiana.


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