New Services at Dog Ear Publishing

Dog Ear Publishing is adding new services that include E-books and Audio Books.

Sales of E-books are on the rise.  According to the Wall Street Journal, May 5th 2010, sales of E-books reached $150 million in 2009.  That’s an increase of 67% over 2008 sales.

Still, E-books represent only a small fraction of total book sales.  But the spike in sales in 2009 further encouraged an interest in offering an E-book solution to our authors.

But what technology to embrace?  There are many E-book options to consider.  Here are the current major players:  Kindle, Barnes and Noble’s Nook, Sony E-Reader, I-Book and others are coming soon. 

Currently, we offer all of the major E-book options.  In fact, we call it the E-book Bundle.  For $199.00 an author can get the Kindle, Nook and Sony E-Reader.  The I-Book requires a different type of formatting and is sold separately. 

In the near term we’ll continue to offer all E-book options until one or two begin to separate themselves from the pack.

Also, we’re offering audio books.  Our audio books are sold and distributed through  Pricing for an audio book is based on book length.  Authors can record their own book or use our professional voice talent.

Dog Ear Publishing is a self publishing company and offers Print on Demand and distribution to bookstores.  To learn more please contact Miles Nelson at or call — 866-823-9613.


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