What Makes Dog Ear Publishing Unique?

What makes Dog Ear Publishing unique:
Dog Ear Publishing takes a very different approach to building and self publishing our books. Each title is designed and built from scratch – no templates – to fit the topic, target audience, and desires of the author. To extract more profit from the process, the vast majority of self publishers use templates to build each book – then allow the author to choose from the set. This dramatically reduces the amount of time the publisher spends building the book – but also dramatically reduces the quality of design for both the cover and interior as well as creates an inferior reading experience for the end consumer. At Dog Ear Publishing, in most of our projects, the greatest amount of time is spent creating and revising the cover and interior design to meet the needs of the market and wishes of the author – we deliver a truly custom product for each of our authors.
The second piece that creates a unique author experience with Dog Ear Publishing is that we have structured our pricing in such a way that our authors can approach the publishing of their books as a viable business model – not just a ‘hobby’ they would like to pursue.  All (literally ‘all’) of our competitors offer a low upfront cost – then charge extremely high fees (and deliver very little profit) on the ‘back end’. What do we mean by that? The sales of a book in the retail market are driven by 3 things (at least initially) – look (the cover design), retail price, and market awareness. I’ve covered ‘look’ already above… Retail price – the amount a consumer pays for the book – is influenced primarily by the printing cost of the book. ALL of our competition charges much much more than Dog Ear Publishing for their books – a ‘typical’ 150 paperback through most of our competition would have a retail price of almost $17… not a reasonable amount by most retail consumer standards. At Dog Ear Publishing, that book could reasonably retail for anywhere from about $9 on up (depending on the market – we allow our authors to have complete freedom in setting their retail price, which means it can be based upon market analysis rather than the dictates of the publishing company) and be highly profitable for the author. When authors purchase copies for their own use from our competition, the per unit cost for a 150 page paperback is almost $8 per unit – at Dog Ear the same book would cost the author just over $4… a dramatic difference when you are looking at your book as a viable business venture!
Most importantly – since we invest so much effort up front, and we keep our per unit costs to the author so low, Dog Ear Publishing is highly invested in creating books that are truly viable products in the market, and our goals is to provide authors with every possible opportunity for publishing success and long term sales.
Take a look at the comparison we have on the Dog Ear Publishing website.  It was listed by Writers-Digest.com in their March/April magazine as a must read for any author interested in self publishing. 
Feel free to contact Dog Ear Publishing to learn more about our self publishing services. 

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