Book Cover – Photos can add to a cover’s success

Dog Ear Publishing’s Advice on Photos For Book Covers

We all know that a well designed book cover is extrememly important. The right photography or illustration can make or break a cover. At Dog Ear Publishing, we take a lot of pride in our abilities to design dynamic covers. Take a look at a few of our cover designs on our Titles Page

Frequently, authors contact Dog Ear Publising looking for photography for use on their book covers. Often, the photo an author is searching for isn’t something that we have in our photo library.

For these authors we often suggest searching one of the many photography library websites. These websites are phenomenal tools with loads of fantastic photography. An author can search for the theme or subject and then choose from the available options. The photographs are very economical too. In fact, an author can get a photograph for about $30.00.

I recommend

As always, feel free to contact us at Dog Ear Publishing with any questions regarding this subject or any other self publishing or print on demand questions.

Want to see more about using images, artwork and illustrations at Dog Ear Publishing?


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