Dog Ear Publishing – Doing Good Things

I’ve always wanted to be part of something special; a company that does good things. Things that make a difference – things that I can be proud of.

One of our goals, as owners of Dog Ear Publishing, is to positively contribute to our community, country and world. As a result, we’ve posted a new page on our site listing some of our efforts, contributions and future goals.

One effort in particular that I’m extremely proud of is our tree planting program. Originally we decided to plant enough trees to offset the amount of energy used by Dog Ear Publishing in a year. We ended up planting a lot more than that.

I am proud to say that Dog Ear Publishing has now planted 10,000 trees in 2009.

Our goal for next year and every year after that is to plant more than 10,000 trees.

Thanks to all of our authors. It is because of you that Dog Ear Publishing is able to do these types of things, things that we can be proud of.


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